Postdoctoral Scholars

Jonathan Mueller (right) with Jesson Hutchinson of LANL (left)

Dr. Jonathan (Jon) Mueller, PhD in Physics from Duke University (2013). Dr. Mueller co-directed many RADIANS research projects, including first-ever university-led measurements of Category I Special Nuclear Material at the National Criticality Experiments Research Center, operated by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) at the Nevada Nuclear Security Site. Dr. Mueller was hired by Leidos for his expertise in data analytics.

Todd Evans

Dr. Richard Todd Evans, PhD in Nuclear Engineering. Dr. Evans developed adjoint sensitivity analyses to estimate the sensitivity of plutonium neutron measurements to cross section uncertainties. Dr. Evans was hired by the Texas Advanced Computing Center for his expertise in high-performance computing, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty quantification.

Tony Nettleton

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Nettleton, PhD in Physics from Michigan State University. Dr. Nettleton analyzed the effects of soil constituents on the composition of post-detonation nuclear debris (a.k.a., “fallout”). Dr. Nettleton was hired by Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Offsite Source Recovery Program for his expertise in measurement and analysis of radioactive sources.