The RADIANS research team is led by Prof. John Mattingly in NC State University‘s Department of Nuclear Engineering.

Our research focuses on applying advanced radiation measurement and analysis methods to meet current and future challenges to the missions of nuclear security:

  • Nuclear nonproliferation
  • Nuclear arms control
  • Nuclear counterterrorism
  • Nuclear emergency response
  • Nuclear forensics

We develop new techniques of neutron and gamma radiation measurement and analysis for detection, localization, identification, and characterization of special nuclear material (SNM), radiological material, and post-detonation nuclear fallout.

We have a diverse program of research involving undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in nuclear science and engineering, and we work with professional scientists at several US National Laboratories.  RADIANS research spans many applications of radiation measurement and analysis:

  • Gamma spectroscopy
  • Neutron multiplicity and time-correlation
  • Neutron and gamma imaging
  • Analysis of fission chain-reaction dynamics
  • Bayesian and nonlinear optimization methods for parameter estimation
  • Machine-learning to correlate measurements to nuclear material properties
  • Sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification (SA/UQ)
  • Modern digital data acquisition (DAQ) and signal processing (DSP)

RADIANS is always interested in recruiting talented, ambitious students and post-doctoral researchers to join our team.  We encourage you to explore our site, the Nuclear Engineering Department, and NC State University.  This is an excellent place to achieve your education, research, and professional development goals.