Masters Graduates

Jonathan Parker and fiancé

Jonathan Parker, “Inverse Analysis for Material Identification in Neutron Imaging Measurements Using Accelerated Transport Calculations,” 2023.

Matt Risenmay

Matthew Risenmay, “Application of Supervised Machine Learning to Search for Nuclear Fallout Analytes that Identify Explosive Type,” 2023

Taylor Bruff

Taylor Bruff, “Radiation Source Localization Using the Red-Pitaya STEMLab Data Acquisition System,” 2022

Dom Senteno at Trinity

Dominic Senteno, “Application of Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms to Neutron/Gamma Particle Identification using Organic Scintillators,” 2021

Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd, “Determining Best-Fit Model for Cerium Bromide Pulse Shape,” 2016

Gabe and Natalia Lucero

Gabriel Lucero, “Prompt Gamma Spectroscopic Analysis of Nuclear Fallout to Evaluate Sensitivity to Nuclear Device Characteristics,” 2016

Matthew Avetian

Matthew Avetian, “Simplified MC Simulation for Coupled Neutron/Gamma Transport Through a 1-D Slab of Hydrogen-1 For Secondary Gamma Production,” 2015

Noah Bullock

Noah Bullock, “Digital Pulse Pileup Deconvolution with Cerium (III) Bromide Scintillator,” 2014

Chelsea Ratzlaff

Chelsea Ratzlaff, “Detector Response Function for a Germanium Strip Type Detector/Imager,” 2014

Zach Bailey

Zachary Bailey, “Pulse Shape Discrimination with the Pixie-500 Data-Acquisition System and EJ309 Liquid Organic Scintillators,” 2013

Christine Latten

Christine Latten, “Mathematical framework and illustrative examples of multi-physics data assimilation,” 2012