PhD Graduates

Sara Alawabdeh

Dr. Sara Yousef Alawabdeh, “Characterization and comparison of proton light yield of similar composition organic scintillators with different sizes,” May 2023, hired by Helion Energy

Ahmed Moustafa

Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Moustafa, “Optimization of Optical Photon Transport Models for Application in High Aspect Ratio Scintillation Pillars,” May 2022, hired by Kairos Power

Megan Smith

Dr. Megan Rachelle Smith, “Decomposition of Gamma Spectroscopic Measurements of Pulse-Irradiated Nuclear Materials Exhibiting Collinear Spectral Components and Nonlinear Coincidence Summing Effects,” December 2020, hired by Sandia National Laboratories

Mudit Mishra

Dr. Mudit Mishra, “Frequency domain multiplexing of pulse mode radiation detectors,” November 2020, hired by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)

Jim Gifford

Dr. James Hart Gifford, “Characterizing Variance in Fallout Composition Due to Uncertainty in Thermodynamic Models of Fractionation,” March 2020, assigned to Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) headquarters

Rob Weldon

Dr. Robert Allen Weldon, “Characterization of the anisotropic scintillation response of stilbene and an application for neutron source localization,” November 2019, hired by Los Alamos National Laboratory

Alex Clark

Dr. Alexander Rich Clark, “Application of Neutron Multiplicity Counting Experiments to Optimal Cross Section Adjustments,” November 2019, hired by Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kyle Weinfurther

Dr. Kyle James Weinfurther, “Designing an Optically Segmented Single-Volume Neutron Scatter Camera Using Simulation and Experimental Validation,” June 2019, hired by Sandia National Laboratories

Jason Hite

Dr. Jason Michael Hite, “Bayesian Parameter Estimation for the Localization of a Radioactive Source in a Heterogenous Urban Environment,” March 2019, hired by Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Pete Chapman

Dr. Peter Henry Chapman, “Exploiting Fission Chain Reaction Dynamics to Image Fissile Materials,” May 2017, assigned to US Military Academy (USMA), now Professor and Deputy Head of Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Garrett Dean

Dr. Garrett James Dean, “Inverse Analysis of Irradiated Nuclear Material Gamma Spectra via Nonlinear Optimization,” December 2016, hired by Los Alamos National Laboratory

Sean O’Brien at Trinity

Dr. Sean Edward O’Brien, “Sensitivity Analysis of Neutron Multiplicity Counting Statistics of a Subcritical Plutonium Benchmark using First-Order Perturbation Theory,” June 2016, hired by Sandia National Laboratories