NC State nuclear nonproliferation students win Uranium Bowl

Every Spring semester, NC State Nuclear Engineering (NE) students in NE591: Nuclear Nonproliferation Technology and Policy learn how to design and evaluate physical security systems to protect high-value facilities storing special nuclear material (SNM).

NE591 is taught by Prof. John Mattingly, and this module of NE591 is led by Dyrk Greenhalgh, who is a Physical Security Professional (PSP) certified by ASIS International, a vulnerability assessment team leader with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and an instructor with University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) Nuclear Engineering.

Every year, NC State’s NE591 students apply their newly-acquired knowledge of physical security systems in the Uranium Bowl – a competitive, force-on-force table-top exercise (TTX) with UTK students – the objective of the attacking force is to steal the SNM.  This year, the NCSU team was victorious in the Uranium Bowl TTX.  The students’ success this year is the second victory by NCSU in 4 consecutive years of the Uranium Bowl.

The Uranium Bowl TTX is organized and directed by Dyrk Greenhalgh and hosted by the UTK Institute for Nuclear Security, directed by Prof. Howard Hall of UTK.

NE591 is supported by the National Nuclear Security Administration‘s (NNSA’s) Next-Generation Safeguards Initiative, which is dedicated to the education and training of nuclear science and engineering students to contribute to the current and future challenges of nuclear nonproliferation.

From left to right, the NC State NE students in the photo are:

  • Daniel Kim (senior)
  • Thomas Gomez (senior)
  • Gabe Lucero (MS student)
  • Jackie Austell  (senior)
  • Alex Clark (PhD student)
  • Rob Weldon (PhD student)
  • Suman Dev (senior)
  • Michael Boyd (MNE student)
  • Pete Chapman (PhD student)
  • Raj Bhakta (PhD student)
  • Vince Di Nova (PhD student)