NC State Nuclear Engineering wins $25M NNSA grant

NC State Nuclear Engineering was awarded the leadership role for the new National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) academic Consortium for Nonproliferation Enabling Capabilities (CNEC).

CNEC will be a pre-eminent research and education hub dedicated to the development of enabling technologies and technical talent to meet the present and future grand challenges of nuclear nonproliferation.

The RADIANS team is a key element of the Consortium.  They will develop new methods for detecting, finding, identifying, and characterizing special nuclear material (SNM) usable in nuclear weapons.

The Consortium is a partnership of 7 top-ranked US universities and 3 national laboratories:

CNEC will conduct ground-breaking research in 4 areas:

In addition to these research areas, CNEC will also

  • Develop new science and engineering courses focusing on applications to nuclear nonproliferation
  • Reach out to high school students and educators to engage them in the mission of nuclear nonproliferation
  • Sponsor a  research fellowship to financially support the research of outstanding graduate students

The Consortium is funded for $25 million for 5 years by the NNSA Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation R&D.

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